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Welcome to my cybercarnet.

I will try to feed it by regularly publishing texts of my invention. Some of them will be posted in free access, others not; all will be translated from French to English.

I am not convinced of the powers of the Internet in terms of literary transmission: the intimacy between the interface and the user seems to be restricted, networking hinders concentration. Once these difficulties have been overcome, is it still necessary to overcome a cultural blockage, a psychomotor limit?

I don't know. In fact, my scepticism towards the editorial method — at least as practised in France today — is a motivation. My taste for digital exploration is another.

Of course, the purpose of creating this space on the web is to support and push my texts towards the public. I also hope it will be open to third party interventions, as long as a coherence manifests itself through encounters or thought. I will not give the visitor the possibility to comment on the posts as on connected social networks, but I will post hyperlinks on these networks.

What to add?

My literary ideal resembles a kind of total work, a hybrid capable of unfolding the range of language, from the primal scream to the most constructed articulated language: poetry, fiction, theory... Everything should fit into it. The novel form, isomorphic to life, seems to be the only one able to approach it thanks to a skilful assemblage of the multiple modes of expression of human thought.

Such an ideal cannot be pursued here. This web notebook has been designed like a laboratory. Written fragments will be divided into distinct categories and various labels in order to allow everyone to orient themselves according to their taste, a bit like in a market place.

I therefore leave you to your clicks towards short readings that I hope will be as beautiful and disturbing as fluid and tonic.

Enjoy your visit.

Bastien Rivath

Bastien Rivath

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